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About Us

Welcome to Dariro, a digital talent showcasing platform for everyone.

Dariro is a Shona word meaning "A place where people are given a chance to showcase their work."

To all web developers, web designers, graphic designers, mobile app developers and photographers out there, sometimes you look at your work, and wish if everyone knew you did a great job. Dariro does just that for you.


Our mission is simple: To show work from our users to the world and have the world give them more work.


Dariro was found and developed by Kudakwashe Gore and Willard Muzaeni as Ndiringe (Shona word for "See me") in 2014 because the most wanted domain name was not available at that time. After working on improving the design and adding some analytical tools for users, it was rebranded Dariro.

Development of the project is still going on and those who whish to contribute are welcome. Just drop us an email by clicking here